ZMB-6 double hydraulic grouting pump

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ZMB-6 double hydraulic grouting pump

ZMB-6 double hydraulic grouting pump

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ZMB-6 double hydraulic grouting pump is based on the improvement of ZMB-3-type piston injection pump , have been widely used in tunnel, mine and other mining face grouting. ZMB-6 double hydraulic grouting pump is a single-cylinder double-acting piston pum

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Product Introduction

Product Introduction

ZMB-6 double hydraulic grouting pump is based on the improvement of ZMB-3-type piston injection pump , have been widely used in tunnel, mine and other mining face grouting. 

ZMB-6 double hydraulic grouting pump is a single-cylinder double-acting piston pumps for the principle, can transport water mud, yellow mud, water glass, oil, water and other media. 

ZMB-6 double hydraulic grouting pump can simultaneously transport two media can also be individually transported one medium. 

With a compact struture, reliable, low failure rate, easy maintenance and cleaning and pumping pressure advantages.

ZMB-6 double hydraulic grouting pump can be widely used in tunnels, mines and mining face grouting, 

rock roadway and concrete wall grouting water tunnel cracked, broken rock, rock reinforcement complement evacuation strong, 

anchor grouting, backfill grouting and prevent surface subsidence, to prevent landslides, correct skewed buildings conducted by grouting.

Technical Parameter

Outlet capacity5m3/h

Working pressure3.0 maP

Vertical conveying height25m

Horizontal conveying distance100m

Main motor power5.5kw

Inlet tube inner dia64mm

Outlet tube inner dia38mm

Out size1250 X 480 X 940(mm)


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