ZBL-type funnel grouting pump

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ZBL-type funnel grouting pump

ZBL-type funnel grouting pump

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ZBL-type funnel grouting pump is for mining build wells, surface and underground water shutoff, pressure injection of a high concentration of cement slurry. Funnel grouting pump can also be used for coal or other non-corrosive media grouting pressure inje

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Product Introduction

Product Introduction

ZBL-type funnel grouting pump is for mining build wells, surface and underground water shutoff, 

pressure injection of a high concentration of cement slurry. Funnel grouting pump can also be used for coal or other non-corrosive media grouting pressure injection and grouting sealing mine gas drainage hole. 

As the funnel cutting performance and the use of self-absorption with a certain elastic rubber ball, 

it can inject large or with a particle concentration of slurry.


1As a result of a funnel cutting, self-priming pump performance, and can inject large concentration of slurry.

2The pump's intake and exhaust plasma cutting using cutting core rubber ball, so you can inject containing solid slurry.

3As grouting piston surface treatment with a certain hardness and wear resistance, the use of performance and long life.

Working principle

ZBL type funnel grouting pump motor will be powered by the V-belt, pulley, gear box, bevel gear shaft, gear, 

connecting rod, the wheel, the rotary motion into reciprocating linear motion, 

drive rod, piston reciprocates complete slurry suction action.

Technical Parameter

Model ZBL 50/4-7.5DLB-50/40

Rated flow 50(60) L/min

Rated pressure 4 Mpa

Cylinder inner dia 105 mm

Stroke length 75 mm

Reciprocating time 81 min-1

Motor power 7.5 KW

Motor model YBK2—160M—6

Weight 400 KG

Outer sizeL×W×H2000×600×900 mm

Outlet dia 26 mm

Selection of instructions

1take note of solids contained in the slurry particle size not greater than 3 ~ 4mm when choosing

2on the ground without proof of the required environmental conditions, 

grouting can be equipped with not anti motor.Pls say clearly when ordering.

3products supporting the motor voltage 380/660v. If match 660/1140v motor,Pls say clearly when ordering.

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