Tidal shotcrete machine

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Tidal shotcrete machine

Tidal shotcrete machine

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The machine uses a whole cup type elastic material, the elastic sticky discharge elbow, the overall clean boards. Rotor material cup and bend the material has a self-cleaning effect, non-adhesive, non-blocking, no cleaning, dust concentration ≦ 20mg/m3, t

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Product Introduction

Product Introduction

The machine uses a whole cup type elastic material, the elastic sticky discharge elbow, 

the overall clean boards. Rotor material cup and bend the material has a self-cleaning effect, non-adhesive, 

nonblocking, no cleaning, dust concentration ≦ 20mg/m3, the average rebound rate ≦ 15%, 

has the feature of simple structure, reliable, high efficiency, 

easy assembly and disassembly the nozzle discharge uniformity and long life of wearing parts and so on.

Which is one of leading technology concrete injection machine in the domestic.

Technical Parameter

Injection capacity6m3/h
Mixture cement ratioW/C≤0.35
Max aggregate dia19mm
Air consumption68m3/min
Conveying pipe dia50mm
Working pressure0.20.4MPa
Max conveying distancehorizontal distance120M
Vertical height 40M
Motor power5.5kw
Outer size1400×740×1150mm
Material outing wayup material
Machine weight700

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