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Slope gunite machine

Slope gunite machine

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Slope gunite machine is widely used in construction, mining, tunnel, culvert, subway, hydropower engineering, underground engineering and high marsh coal mine tunnel shotcrete construction operations: Various types of industrial furnaces, molding or spray

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Product Introduction

Range of application

Slope gunite machine is widely used in construction, mining, tunnel, culvert, subway, 

hydropower engineering, underground engineering and high marsh coal mine tunnel shotcrete construction operations: 

Various types of industrial furnaces, molding or spraying refractory lining repair: a variety of green slope, soil transport and injection. 

The machine can be used for wave spray can also be used to dry spray and spray job fibers.


1Through rotor chamber no binder , the material smooth, efficient and time-saving;

2Four point elastic compensation compression, good sealing effect, 

little dust next machine,wearing parts with long life ;

3Using low pressure high speed vortex air transport, overcome the bonding of material handling, 

plugging away from the pack and pulse problems, material flow uniform, continuous and stable.

4Nozzle using discharge elbow device, to improve spray deposition, less resilient, high quality shotcrete.

Technical Parameter

Working capacity:5.5m3/h
Max conveying distance:200m
Cement - sand ratio=1:3-5
Water-cement ratio :≤0.4-0.45
Max aggregate dia:Φ20mm
Conveying pipe dia:Φ50mm
Working pressure: 0.2-0.4Mpa
Air consumption: 7-8m3/min
Air consumption: 1.1M
Rotor speed: 11r/min
Power: 5.5kw
Voltage class: 380v or 660v
Rail distance: 600mm
Outer size(L*W*H) :1520×820×1280mm
Machine weight:650kg

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