Refractory spraying machine

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Refractory spraying machine

Refractory spraying machine

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Refractory spraying machine used compressed air to a certain proportion of refractory ejected at high speed to the material being sprayed puzzle refractory layer formed on the surface, because of its jet construction speed, high efficiency, good quality o

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Product Introduction

Product Introduction

Refractory spraying machine used compressed air to a certain proportion of refractory ejected at high speed to 

the material being sprayed puzzle refractory layer formed on the surface, 

because of its jet construction speed, high efficiency, good quality of the project and other significant advantages to be widely used, 

mainly used for: industrial furnace hot gunning refractory layer operations. Mainly used in tunnels, culverts, subway, 

hydropower engineering, underground engineering, mining roadway, highway slope protection and other concrete sprayed coating, 

supporting construction.And hot gunning refractory layer of industrial furnaces.


1refractory spraying machine with mixing, conveying, spraying functions.

2good quality, construction speed, saving labor.

3gunning metallurgical and industrial furnaces, widely used in steel mills.

4refractory spraying machine is styling products, good quality, durable, wearing parts rotating plate, 

combined with boards, gun and other accessories stocked.

Technical Parameter

Working capacity 5-5.5m3/h   

Max conveying distance 200m
Water-cement ratio  ≤0.4-0.45
Max aggregate diaφ15mm  

Dust concentration   ≤20mg/m3
Rated work pressure   0.2MPa-0.4MPa
Conveying pipe diaφ51mm     

Air consumption    7-8m3/min
Feeding height 1.1m       

Rotor speed11r/min
Motor model YB132M2-6 or Y132m-6
Motor power 5.5KW       

Electric drill speed960r/min
Voltage class 380V or 660V
Chassis rail wheels distance   600/762/900mm
Outer size(L*W*H)1520×820×1280(mm)
Machine weight 700kg

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